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The CTA Welfare Trust offers a comprehensive list of dental and vision services for its members. Please feel free to see the schedule of reimbursements under the schedule of benefits link. Also, please check to see if your dentist or optometrist is part of the participating provider list. Providers on the list accept Welfare Trust payments as payment in full.

The third party administrator that processes our dental and vision claims is Stirling Benefits.

For a complete dental and/or vision Schedule of Benefits, which details what our plan offers, members should email Dino Mazzotta at  For other questions, please reach out to one of the trustees below.

CHS: Susan Tornatore and Amber Boyle
GFMS: Jaime Zimmerman, Nicole Stitchbury, Dino Mazzotta
KES: Antonietta Feliciotto
KPS: Ed Long
MPES: Jennifer Hunter
Retirees: Mark Jennette

Frequently Asked Questions: Dental

Coverage for individuals members is taken care of by the contractual agreement between the district and the CTA. No further payment is necessary.

Members are encouraged to share a copy of the Dental Schedule of Benefits with their dentist to see if they would be willing to accept the Schedule benefit payment as payment in full.  Our previous provider list is in the process of being updated.  Once it is, we will provide an up to date list.  Until that time, it is best to verify individually with your dentist about acceptance of the benefit schedule.

Cleaning of teeth (prophylaxis) is covered twice during each plan year. If a periodontal (CTA4340 – CTA4341) scaling and a prophylaxis (CTA1110) are performed on the same date, the plan will only pay for the scaling. Additionally, the plan will not cover a prophylaxis within 30 days of a full mouth periodontal scaling.

The Plan covers oral examinations, x-rays and laboratory tests that may be necessary to diagnose a specific symptom.

The Plan will cover no more than four (4) x-rays for any oral examination. However, a full mouth x-ray of all teeth taken as part of a general examination is covered once in a three year period. Allowances for films or other procedures covered by the plan include the charge of examination and diagnosis. Oral exams are covered twice per plan year.

Frequently Asked Questions: Vision

Coverage for individual members is taken care of by the contractual agreement between the district and the CTA. No further payment is necessary.

The best way to find out if an optician accepts our plan is to bring a copy of our vision schedule of benefits to your doctor and see if they consider it full payment.

Our plan covers one full eye exam per calendar year and one pair of glasses. Depending on your optician, other benefits are available. Certain opticians have created specific agreements with the Welfare Fund and offers more services as part of the plan.

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Dental Schedule of Benefits -- 21-22

Vision Schedule of Benefits -- Updated 10-9-20

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